Breastfeeding Support

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: A Worldwide Organization Of Medical Doctors Dedicated To The Promotion, Protection, And Support Of Breastfeeding

ABM Protocols: Evidence-based guidelines for the care of breastfeeding mothers and infants.

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine Protocol #18 Guidelines for Breastfeeding Infants with Cleft Lip, Cleft Palate, or Cleft Lip and Palate

ASI – Alimentacion Segura Infantil: Non-profit organization that works for the safe feeding of infants and toddlers, and aims to train community leaders as specialists in breastfeeding and safe feeding.

Best for Babes: “The mission of Best for Babes is to change the cultural perception of breastfeeding and beat the breastfeeding booby traps- the cultural, institutional, and legal barriers that prevent parents from making informed feeding decisions and that prevent moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals (whether that’s 2 days, 2 months, or 2 years) without judgement, pressure, or guilt.”

BFAR – Breastfeeding After Reduction: Provides information and support to mothers who wish to breastfeed after breast or nipple surgery, and healthcare providers who help mothers breastfeed.

Black Mothers’ Breastfeeding Association: BMBFA’s mission is to reduce racial inequities in breastfeeding support for black families.

Black Women Do Breastfeed: Making the community of Black breastfeeding women visible.

Breastfeeding USA: Empowering you with breastfeeding support. Local and online breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding USA article: Breastfeeding a Baby with a Cleft Lip and or Palate — The Red Carpet Treatment

Dr. Bobby Ghaheri: A modern approach to tongue tie, lip tie, and breastfeeding medicine.

Dr. Jack Newman: Pediatrician, IBCLC, and Director of The Newman Breastfeeding Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Videos and information on breastfeeding topics available in multiple languages.

Dr. Milk – Doctor Mothers Interested in Lactation Knowledge: (Dr. MILK) provides evidence-based support and education for physician women to reach their breastfeeding goals and apply that knowledge to their medical practice.

ILCA – Find a Lactation Consultant Directory: Searchable database that allows you to find an IBCLC in your community.

InfantRisk Center: The world’s leading research center for medication use during pregnancy and lactation.

ILCA – International Lactation Consultant Association: “Member association for International Board Certified Lactation Consultants® (IBCLC®) and other healthcare professionals who care for breastfeeding families.”

Kellymom Breastfeeding and Parenting: Searchable, evidence-based information for families on breastfeeding, nutrition, and early parenting. Cleft Lip/Palate Resources

LER – Lactation Education Resources: Comprehensive, online lactation consultant training and continuing education.

LactMed Drugs and Lactation Database: Searchable database for parents and providers, of research on medication safety and lactation.

La Leche League: Worldwide, in-person and online mother-to-mother breastfeeding support.

Low Milk Supply: Provides information and support to mothers who are experiencing low milk production, as well as healthcare providers who help mothers breastfeed.

Nancy Mohrbacher: Where parents can find answers to many common breastfeeding questions and concerns.

Nancy Mohrbacher YouTube Channel: Natural Breastfeeding positions make the early weeks easier. These videos show you what you need to know to try it with your baby.

NEC Society – Improving Outcomes for Babies: The NEC Society is a clinician-family collaborative organization specifically focused on the understanding, prevention and treatment of NEC.

Birth Resources

BAI – Birth Arts International: Provides doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding educator training.

CAPPA – Provides doula, childbirth educator, and lactation educator training.

DONA International: Provides birth and postpartum doula training, certification, and continuing education.

Evidence Based Birth: Putting current evidence based information into the hands of communities so they can make empowered choices.

ICAN – International Cesarean Awareness Network: A non-profit organization whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, supporting cesarean recovery, and advocating for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

Penny Simkin: Childbirth educator, doula, author, and founder of DONA International. Offers childbirth classes, workshops, educational books and videos for parents and birth professionals.

Science & Sensibility: A Lamaze research blog on pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

VBAC: Provides childbearing women and maternity care professionals evidence-based information, resources, and support for VBAC and cesarean prevention.

Postpartum and Parenting Support

The Adoption Exchange Resources for LGBT Current and Prospective Resource Parents`
American Library Association (ALA) Resources for Parents and Families of LGBTQ Individuals

GLAAD LGBTQ Resource List

Mindful Return: Resources for parents and employers on helping new parents have a successful transition back to work after taking parental leave.
E-Course for parents to make your maternity leave and return a calm and thoughtful success.

Mocha Moms: Through in person gatherings and online, Mocha Moms, Inc. provides support for women of color as they journey through all phases of motherhood while advocating for them nationally.

MOMS Club – Moms Offering Moms Support: Support groups in local communities for at-home mothers.

Our Baby Classes: Parent support classes that build confidence in parenting through a simple, intuitive, and practical approach.

PACE Groups: Parenting And Childhood Education: Educational/Emotional Support Groups for First Time Mothers & Educational Support/Emotional Groups for Second Time Around Mothers (DC Area)

PSI – Postpartum Support International: Online, phone, and in-person support groups for perinatal mood & anxiety disorders. We provide direct peer support to families, train professionals, and provide a bridge to connect them.