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Breastfeeding is a learned skill that requires guidance, practice, and support. Many mothers face a variety of challenges within the days and weeks after giving birth that cause them to abandon their resolve to breastfeed.

Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Wisdom brings to light, through candid personal narratives, numerous obstacles facing breastfeeding mothers. The most meaningful and effective breastfeeding support often comes from other breastfeeding mothers who share their experiences and wisdom. These women are inspiring examples of tenacity and courage for those who are determined to nourish their babies with mother’s milk.

Running time: 27 minutes

Areas of Study

  • Nursing / Maternal-Infant Health / Midwifery
  • Lactation Education
  • Hospital Continuing Education
  • Workplace Breastfeeding Programs
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Though breastfeeding is the biological norm,
it doesn’t always come easily. ​
In this documentary film, women recount the challenges and triumphs
of breastfeeding their babies.

“Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Wisdom captures several mothers/families postpartum on their journey to reach their breastfeeding goals and how influential nurses were (and were not). The video highlights the importance of nurses and their ability to make a difference through positive communication and support…This is a real educational opportunity for nurses to view.”

Deborah Busch, DNP, CRNP, IBCLC, CNE, FAANP, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs

“Having the students watch this film and having a discussion afterwards addressed every PLO for the course and many of the SLO’s.

…students stated the film gave them a broader understanding of the needs of a postpartum mom caring for infants who are struggling to breastfeed, addressed psychosocial needs, addressed the impact a nurse has on their patients, reflected current issues in maternal newborn care in our society and… how to advocate for human flourishing.

One statement in the film really struck home with the students and can empower them to get through nursing school: ‘I can. I will. Just watch me!'”

Tambra Fry, MSN-Ed, RN, Faculty, Nursing Department, College of Western Idaho

“This film provides a powerful springboard for discussion with nursing students and other providers involved in lactation care. It succinctly exposes the complexities of working with families in a loving, caring, supportive manner. During our limited time in the NICU it is challenging to expose students to many of the realities that new families face when their baby is hospitalized or has a birth condition that complicates breastfeeding and this film illuminates those issues. With the great discussion questions provided, I have found this to be a perfect pre or post clinical conference film. Faculty will find this to be an important addition to enhance the learning of novice nurses or care providers.”

Professor Libby Averill Rosen, PhD, RN, IBCLC, Contributing authorNobody Told Me About That, The First Six Weeks, the chapters on Breastfeeding Realities and Formula Facts, and I Slept Like A Baby, What does that mean!

“I love this film! It is rare to find a resource that presents mothers’ experiences and feelings about breastfeeding as accurately and authentically as Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Wisdom. It is by far the best film I’ve seen during my 30-plus years in lactation. In addition, it does a great job of illustrating the critical importance of support during the early learning period. Well done!”

Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA, lactation consultant, speaker, and coauthor of Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers and author of Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple, Breastfeeding Solutions, and its companion smartphone app

“This heartwarming, informative video provides real stories about the decision to breastfeed. Moms share honest discussion of their experiences that resonated in me deeply. My first time breastfeeding experience was a disaster, with undiagnosed insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) evidenced by no milk production. Even as a newly certified midwife I was at a loss, quickly falling in to depression. We flew to Beverly Hills to work with Dr. Sears and his wife when my son was 6 weeks old at 1 pound under his birth weight. I was fearful to introduce formula and desperate to find help. As a society, we must support women through all breastfeeding experiences. Breastfeeding may be a natural mammalian function but it doesn’t come ’naturally’.”

– Ginger Breedlove, Ginger Breedlove, PhD, CNM, APRN, FACNM, FAAN, Author Nobody Told Me About That, The First Six Weeks

“I am so moved by your film. It has such a good flow, moving message and clear presentation… The film strikes just the right balance. We see intense emotions but there is no self-pity and we are not overwhelmed. Plus, at the end, we get such a satisfying resolution and learn that breastfeeding success has a broad definition. It’s a beautiful and profound film…Very solution oriented, very hopeful.”

– Peggy O’Mara, Editor and Publisher of Mothering Magazine from 1980 to 2011 and its editor-in-chief until 2012, Founder of, Author of Natural Family Living, Having a Baby Naturally, and A Quiet Place.

“This intimate documentary sensitively and honestly conveys the challenges that some new mothers face despite their deep desire and determination to breastfeed their infant. We learn about these challenges… through the mothers’ own experiences and the voices of two pediatricians who themselves had difficulty with early breastfeeding. The film conveys a comforting and validating message. Although breastfeeding is normal and mother’s milk is invaluable, many mothers initially need help and support and should welcome assistance when they need it.”

– Nicette Jukelevics, Founder, Author, The VBAC Education Project

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